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What is Hafnium carbide used for

Hafnium carbide HfC is a gray-black powder with a face-centered cubic framework and a very high melting factor of 3890 ℃. It is known to have a high melting factor in a single substance as well as is an excellent product for the cellular lining of metal melting crucibles with high melting point.

Hafnium carbide has a high elastic coefficient, great electrical and thermal conductivity, a little coefficient of thermal growth, and also great impact resistance, so it is really appropriate for rocket nozzle materials, and also it is likewise an important cermet material.

What is Hafnium carbide utilized for?
Hafnium carbide is a type of ceramic product with heat resistance and oxidation resistance, which has the advantages of excellent electrothermal conductivity and low thermal development. Hafnium carbide is suitable for manufacturing rocket nozzles, wing front as well as various other important elements, mainly made use of in aerospace, industrial porcelains and other areas.

Hafnium carbide has high solidity, can be utilized as an additive of concrete carbide and can form solid service with many compounds (such as ZrC, TaC, etc). It has been commonly used in the field of cutting tools and also moulds.

Hafnium carbide has high elastic coefficient, good electrothermal conductivity, little thermal growth coefficient and also good influence resistance, so it is suitable for rocket nozzle material, can be used in the nose cone of rocket, and has important applications in aerospace area. it likewise has essential applications in nozzles, high-temperature cellular lining, arc or electrolysis electrodes.

Hafnium carbide has good strong stage security as well as chemical deterioration resistance, so it has wonderful prospective for usage in heat environment. Additionally, the field discharge performance of carbon nanotube cathode can be enhanced by vaporizing HfC film externally of carbon nanotube cathode.

The ablation resistance of hafnium carbide can be boosted by including hafnium carbide to Chand C composite. Hafnium carbide has lots of excellent physical as well as chemical properties, that makes it widely used in heat materials.

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